Experienced Tree & Shrub Specialists in the Willamette Valley

Creating and maintaining a green, healthy outdoor space is easier said than done, unless you turn to Valley Green, Inc. Our company offers a complete tree and shrub program for residential clients that enhances the look and feel of your landscape. Trees and shrubs are the backbone of your landscape and should be maintained and cared for routinely. Trees and shrubs offer shade that keeps you cool, protection from external elements, a pop of color along with depth and character to your landscape.

Our team specializes in setting up a tree and shrub program that is tailored for your landscape. In addition, we provide year round care and maintenance to control unwanted pest and diseases that would otherwise damage your trees and shrubs. Our tree and shrub program was created to maintain the health and beauty of your landscape. Trees and shrubs are an added beauty and we want to ensure that they are healthy and gorgeous all year round. Our tree and shrub program includes services that will enhance and protect your trees and shrubs.

Trees & Shrub Care Program

Dormant: (Jan) Dormant Spray application for insect and disease control. 

Early Spring: (Feb-Mar) A granular fertilization of landscape shrubs to encourage excellent root development and plant health.

Spring:(April - May) The spring application of insect and disease control flowering trees and shrubs. It's best to treat before problems get too far advanced.

Early Summer: (July-Aug) Insect and mite control treatment to trees and shrubs, especially conifers. This application is formulated for arborvitae, rhododendrons, azaleas, birch, maple and many other plants.

Fall: (Sept-Oct) Late Season fungicide application with organic copper fungicide and supreme spray oils. This treatment will help control common disease problems as well as many lingering mite or insect problems.

Winter: (Nov-Dec) Deep root fertilization of trees and large shrubs that have a deeper root system. Proper nutrients are important for healthy plant growth.